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Emergency Service Available

Emergency Data Recovery Services

For our clients, we will provide expert guidance in creating and maintaining an effective backup plan. For those without that a plan or for those that didn't maintain their plan on an effective schedule, we have the inevitable crash without backups. Sometimes, the appearance and assumptions seem all but hopeless.

Your files could still be found and recovered. Don't despair about your seemingly lost data, but depend on our 15 years of experience to help you and your computer to a full recovery.

We have special utilities and both onsite and offsite services available for recovering your data. Call us today to put your computer in qualified hands.

Certified Computer Engineers have your back

It is actually rare that a hard drive, the component that stores your data actually fails. Everyone should have a backup plan, manual copies to a removable drive; preferably, a more formal plan with scheduled backups and multiple copies with rotation and removal from the premises.

With no backup or dated backups and with an apparent failure, most of the causes will be viruses; computer or computer operating system failures; or a host of things that leaves your hard drive and your data still intact but to the novice, lost.

The experts at Cook's Computers know how to bypass or work around those issues and recover your data.